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Monthly Archives: April, 2013

Random – I don’t get its

Currently I live in New Zealand. it’s not big. in fact it’s small. We have what some would say a military. I’m not sure who we need protecting from. Seagulls … Continue reading

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Losing my religion

As a kid I went to church because I was told to, I really didn’t fight that much because much like most adults which I have later realized  it’s a great … Continue reading

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If I had some free time.

Very little time goes by without me having some completely random thought. Part of a blog is to put down the things I think off so I don’t forget about … Continue reading

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Earth Tax

I briefly covered this point in one of my rants but I think it requires a better explanation. A big company, a big problem, especially when it comes to companies … Continue reading

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Humanity , well not all of humanity.

My previous post definitely warrant some elaboration on some topics. But this is not it. I was obviously on a roll, read that twice. Not on something rolled. I mean on a … Continue reading

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New age, New new Age

So , it’s interesting how the whole 2012 thing didn’t pay off. Don’t get me wrong I’m pretty glad to still be here. I’m also pretty happy that through this … Continue reading

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The affair , it’s been 7 years

I was 23 at the time. I’m not sure exactly how we first met, from what I can remember now it was all a mystery. I’ve heard the name mentioned … Continue reading

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Not so bad.

A while ago I made a post about the NZ folks chopping down trees for fun more than investing in sustainable economy. The other evening I went out for a … Continue reading

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Love the irony

It started with making idle conversation with a colleague at a lunch , Every morning I drive past the central port in Wellington, past the site where they collect all … Continue reading

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