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Love the irony

It started with making idle conversation with a colleague at a lunch ,

Every morning I drive past the central port in Wellington, past the site where they collect all the logging. Guessing by the number of X’Y and on the ships I guess it’s heading to Asia, probably China but then again I don’t want to write a stereotypical story here. I’m not a kiwi , in fact I’m far from it , and I’m proud of it. But I’m a citizen of the world and given that latter passport of the world sooner or later the dumb things people do is going to affect me . I’d rather do something about it now.

I hate how the beauty of New Zealand is chopped down and exported while the owners are sitting in Australia sunbathing was my comment on the logging at the port.

Ye , they are pretty big , the biggest in NZ .

And you don’t mind?

They offer great dividends


Do you see the problem here, even smart people don’t mind as long as they get some dollar value from it. That’s just nuts. I was reading the paper the other day at the office while I had to wait for my lunch to be heated. I don’t read the newspaper, since it’s normally 4 days old and it still in existence due to people refusing the user internet and no regulation for still printing on paper, @#$ and where do the paper come from, please don’t say it’s recycled. Recycling is the worst cure for our bad habits, in most cases it uses TONS of water and TONS of electricity , simple because the way we recycle is if we have object “A” we want to reuse and recycle it as object “A”. i.e. paper becomes paper based products or derivatives  this is not always energy saving and completely defuse the purpose of recycling. Don’t get me wrong, you cannot just blanket cover the entire industry and say it doesn’t work, there are some cases but you get my point.

Back to the story in the newspaper, right above on another there are two articles, both is about a couple of billion $ annually. The one industry is forestry and the other is deer farming in NZ. I just love how both of these are dependent on one another, one is sustainable (sort of) but the other is not.  Even deer farming can be done wrong.

SO hold onto those two.

There is another industry in New Zealand,  which is also a billion dollar industry. Bees. I was fortunate at one event to meet with one of the families that’s been in the business for hundreds of years.  This is sustainable. Very sustainable. These guys drive their hives up and down the country to serve the agricultural market.  Local farmers can’t just invest in their own hives, it’ s very strictly controlled via an association. The association which again is interestingly an american company requires all your details, the number of hives and basically have a bunch of experts that can drop by to come and inspect your colonies any time they feel like it.

We still talking bees right ?, it sounds a bit like the International Atomic Agency doing a nuclear inspection. Yes yes, the mite that affect the bees is a real problem, the mite also originated in America. Don’t get me started on the UN, please don’t think because the world international is in-front of it it’s

Both forestry and deer farming only come close to the profit of Bees, be careful not to just think honey Bee products are plenty full the biggest profit comes from the medical industry. You also have pollination and the food product and products from bee-by-products wax etc. Sure if the country is full of bees that is not their natural environment you have some issues with infestation but nature has a way to control it. Maybe it would give the possums something to do but I don’t know if they are up for the task like the honey badger.

My point is that if we want to we can make this island some exclusive place, the world will eventually be faced with famine at the rate we are going, if we can keep it pure locally , we will be in an extremely good position to market NON GMO (we are too late for this since Monsanto has a big presence in NZ already). But I can’t help to dream. We can create markets here in NZ for the future, green tech of which we will see the reward, I have no idea where there is no forethought put into this.

Make NZ a haven for nature and nature based economy , it’s isolated enough to be able to achieve this. Add a stunning IT sector on top of that and you suddenly have a winning formula. Government should provide incentive for this they will see a  major shift towards it. We can focus on medical (our medical sector is shocking, this is opinions of doctors moving from Russia, UK , Ireland and South Africa to NZ).


I’m always open to get emailed on these subjects.



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