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New age, New new Age

So , it’s interesting how the whole 2012 thing didn’t pay off.

Don’t get me wrong I’m pretty glad to still be here. I’m also pretty happy that through this adventure I learned that nothing, and by that it’s really nothing not even reality is as it may seem. There is much to the world going on and that ancient powers still have a very big influence. I don’t mind those powers, power is peculiarly tricky and given the thousands of years that it hasn’t been diluted that much it’s pretty admirable, power corrupts on all levels.

However, it’s in the new age authors I have more of a bone to pick, you sold me what?, Luckily for ebookee and other sources such as youtube you don’t need to look far for the free version, but still I’m sure people who got the edition of amazon did in fact pay. I don’t mind your opinion which is not based by fact, neither is science. Science today can’t exist without creating new laws which to describe previous theories, theories that’s incorrect , if they were correct you won’t constantly be changing the equation. I have just realised it’s time to get a new keyboard btw.

Anyhow, science, power and that aside. If you have an opinion, share if free, like me 🙂 . It does have cons, it means that you cannot offer up your real job. But it does mean that you are not part of the authors who create an even bigger disbelief in miracles by selling an opinion.

In the DBA land for instance everything is fine printed. There is no “right”  there is a guide but you can’t simply take it as truth. There are too many moving parts, because I’m entitled to share my opinion I can share it and tell you that micro scale DBA land is a reflection of something bigger, the same way that authors exploit their position for those not savvy enough to search youtube.

People will write it as long as other folks keep on buying it, angry bids ? really, humanity. That’s an even bigger waste of time than cat videos and you have to pay for it ? This is very much a sign of where the priorities are of mankind in the gutter. On the positive side maybe I should stick all my blog opinions in a book. Sell it for 3$ on the app store. First thing I’d do is try to see how I can double that, make that work not just from a financial point because money is required for change, real change. But I’d certainly invest it in helping people wakeup. Cypriots, wow Freudian slips but I almost wrote idiots. You don’t need a bank. “aahaaaHhaha  I don’t have a job”, what do you need a job for , if the bank who owns you mortgage is busted, happy days no more mortgage, localise food production and brew your own. So you  can eat, sleep and sit and be merry with friends and think of what to do next. Gosh, if civilization just sat around waiting for employment we won’t be here now, but somewhere along the line of our ipod induced coma, (hey can’t blame ipod, it just plays awesome music! like MUSE). But I can blame if you are not worth your 3$ at the istore. Even those folks in Africa can paint eyes on rocks and sell them to tourists as turtles, CYPRIOTS! where are you initiative.

I saw this “Island President” , on my idevice. Funky movie and I hope most of the money went to the producer and the ex-president to make change.  Looking out for one another is a higher form of living, you don’t need new age reasoning to tell you this or ESP, you need a kick up the arse 🙂

Somehow I’m seeing more and more folks which share my ideas, and is it mine, nope. It’s shared like fresh air. Speaking of sharing, I’m slowing toiling with the idea that it’s time to get a movement going to free oil from ownership by individuals, or countries. Communism never made it, not that all it’s idea are great but there was no time spent on maturing it, there is now definition of a political system other than the fact that it has to work for the majority.

I reckon that anything that comes out of the earth is a shared resource which fate lies in the hand of everyone, simply put because everyone’s fate lies in the earth. bollocks to google and Elon musk leaving us rotting on earth while sunbathing on mars. How many creative thinkers came out of poor countries, tons in fact. Money most definitely can’t buy creativity , hence everyone with  a billion buys a yacht, 10 billion a football club and 100mill an island government and a trillion buys the US de-conomy everyone not quite sure buys a food chain and the elite, it’s the space race.

As long as they keep spending, great.

I was sitting and reading an article in NATGEO about some scientist complaining that we don’t have the money to develop the nuclear rocket from the 1940’s . You have GOT to be joking?! It’s like a grownup believing in Santa. If the US owns factories and they own power  and they have whole bunch of out of work people , scientists. Why do you need money. Who needs to balance their pockets. I don’t mind privatisation but folks, how many billion does a man need? A persons accomplishment is most definitely not gauged by his bank account, unless the judge is an ipod listening, nike wearing , benz driving, wow I just realised that the car industry isn’t that evil, probably because they are easy enough for most of the work to be done by robots. Anyhow…

And if that isn’t enough, I also have another sad fact here, for the last decade those hobby gardeners which I love with the quaint little balcony and backyard gardens complete with little Robins coming to sit and eat out of your hand. Unless you live in Mongolia, you are probably munching away on food grown from GM seeds. This kind burst the bubble a bit for my enthusiasm for horticulture, seeing as I don’t live in Mongolia and no New Zealand although remote you  may think has been in the Monsanto’s pocket .

OOo, my movie just finished compressing, recorded by a Chinese appliance shipped to Canada then delivered to africa by underpaid pilots who reckon they have become air-bus-drivers, no, not that airbus, bus as in four wheels, pilots have to buy their own uniforms now and have no benefits , ha, next thing they will pay for their own tickets too 🙂 . Back to the hardware… but with a camera, a PC and the internet. You can do a lot to give back, to those folks who got the bad end of the deal to get you your goods,  whether it’s manufactured, shipped, sweatshop assembled. You can give back by making your activism videos and build inventions with creativity and when you become that next billionaire, before you by the boat (I’ve got a boat simulator ) do something creative and change the world for those who enabled you.

That’s the best you can do.

MMm no ownership on that which come out of the earth or fall down on it, I wonder if that bible thing about  creating gods have anything to do with thus, aah the metaphor. Please God not a bible reference, next thing we would have religious owning up to the ownership of their DIETIES! I’m investing in Neptune OOo or thunder I’m surprized there is no DARPA codename thor, then again I haven’t research it.

o wow I made a million typos, thanks spellcheck , now I’d welcome a sunspot here in Wellington, I’m not made for the cold, cold + keyboard = bad typing!


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