Muller Jannie

About myself and everyone else.

The affair , it’s been 7 years

I was 23 at the time.

I’m not sure exactly how we first met, from what I can remember now it was all a mystery. I’ve heard the name mentioned before but never really paid to much attention.

Then one day it just kind of happen, I was in love, I was shown things that I had never seen before, things I would only read about. Honestly I thought it was completely out of my league. This was a good things because it inspired me to be better,my best even.

But my constant need for attention and it’s insatiable drive for success was unsustainable. Although she would occasionally recognize me it felt like the passion became unbalanced.

Slowly I started seeing faults and with her drive for success there would be occasions where I could have said “I told you so”.

Eventually we parted, not by agreement but rather naturally as we were drifting apart.

Given my recollecting of this, I wonder how things could have been different, how could I have changed and in retrospect how did it change, how it changed me.

Enough to post about it, perhaps.

As far as analogies go, who is this temptress , well. It’s a tech company where I used to work.

I’ve always had a passion for code but working at this company it allowed me to experience working on enterprise class hardware which most companies now that I have moved to a first world country still don’t have the faintest idea of. Tons of firewalls and several domains across the globe,5 years into the job I still had to kiss arse to get VPN access verified (those security folks…).

I have so say there were a lot of patience from very many people explaining everything from storage configuration, firewalls and other fun challenges when dealing with globally dispersed data centers. Would it be different now, if I go back.

I’m human so I bet you the novelty will wear off, I find myself getting bored very quickly if I can’t keep on churning out new things. I’m totally not someone who can work at a toll booth.

I thought of company this tech experience to that high school sweetheart or college, out of your league but somehow it worked for both and eventually it just drifts apart…The problem is now that I compare all the other companies to this benchmark. 7 years later , in the first world I haven’t found any that come close.

It’s worth while to take a step back and see the grand plan.

It could always be worse than where you are now, but also MUCH better.

I know plenty of DBAs that feel that way 🙂


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