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Humanity , well not all of humanity.

My previous post definitely warrant some elaboration on some topics. But this is not it.

I was obviously on a roll, read that twice. Not on something rolled. I mean on a roll as in momentum. I’ve stopped rolling ages ago.

The post is about the fancy-pants professors that write articles about AI , AI is dead, today is referred to a the consciousness of the interwebs, a.k.a Skynet and the matrix. The internet machine becoming self aware. Let’s take a small example, there are some wonderful movies on the subject on how algorithmic trading stuffed up the global economy.  Buying on “current” prices while sniffing packets to get the “actual” prices for stocks and injection trades to push markets in your favor. Although impressive enough it wasn’t done by AI, it was done by smart coders.

Although cool that’s sort of besides the point.

Here is some food for thought.

Scientist say the self awareness of the internet is way far off. How arrogant for us to think that if it had it’s own awareness that would should be able to recognize it.

Silly rabbit.


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