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Earth Tax

I briefly covered this point in one of my rants but I think it requires a better explanation.

A big company, a big problem, especially when it comes to companies such as mining, drilling, digging,excavating, building,scraping etc. Every pro has a con, I reckon that’s why those folks try stay in the mountains of tibet to try to minimize their input \ output. That also has a problem because that is not experiencing life. That’s not growing as a character since you need experience to make new decisions and in order to get experience you need to have memory and in order to have memory you have to get out there and do something more than meditation,  not that I think Jesus was every in the desert for 40 days, I reckon it’s a pretty good example of how you  need to experience both sides of the coin.

I use a computer that without all the -ing words of earlier wouldn’t be possible. Am I saying we should seize doing it, no. I’m not.

I am saying though that the earth shouldn’t be privatized. This is cause for concern and I don’t think the fact that the rich would be able to colonize another planet when this one is @#$% is far-fetched, given the rate of change it’s not out of scope.

At the moment countries have carbon tax. This is no good. Carbon tax at the moment is funding deficits instead of used for growth. It’s similar to me spending my hard-earned salary fixing up my old sports car before paying school fees.

I would want to live in an oil free world, or free oil world, it’s one and the same thing. New energy is not being looked at with enough focus while the cheaper energy is still around. Oil is pretty cheap , we just pay a lot for it. Why has the price of oil increased , if you look at why the price of “things” increase is because of their cost. In fact the price of energy is cheaper now than ever before but everything is more expensive ? . Also you might say the price of oil is more expensive so naturally everything in this chain follows suite, this is also not true. Most of the oil is produced the same way it was done 20-30 years ago. Especially in the 3rd world countries where nothing have really changed except for the dictator of the day.  So why is it more expensive, granted we do refine it more but I doubt with the supply that have increased by order of magnitude that this is negligible.

We can’t product free oil, that would be difficult since people need to get paid there is an amount of money required to run an operation. Then again my argument is not limited to oil only.

There needs to be an international (not like United nations**) body that ensures collects the earth tax. The tax will solely be use to develop alternatives and restore the earth where possible. Naturally they will have some lawyers that will be better than those of BP which ensures responsibility for things like oil spills , i.e. revoke rights to drill if you cannot ensure safety. i.e. maintenance on pipelines etc. Until such time that we can develop cleaner energy or in my opinion, remove the requirement for energy, i.e. new housing with insulation,  stop production billions of liters of sugar drinks which requires TONS of energy and water to be produced.

Humanity don’t need 50 types of MARS bars.

I’m also pretty sure that there is no way that paper can be sold for a profit these days, I haven’t done the number but I won’t be surprised if the math doesn’t add up.

The moral of the story, there needs to be a single body which is a collector of this earth tax, naturally if you are not part of it you shouldn’t be able to trade. Sure thing you may think this will cause people to circumvent the system, much like Iran and North Korea will shortly be doing with OIL exchange on their own . But this body will make it worth their while, i.e. with grants to the countries who pay the tax in order to redevelop solutions for going forward.

I’m always so surprised that scientists can work together at CERN from all over the world, scientists exchange ideas and notes across borders. I do think that we have a nature to work together for something better for all of us, I do think it’s tricky to get momentum while we still have these old ways like oil.

I firmly believe that the entire world is the reflection of the micro scale, IT companies don’t want to grow to new hardware until they have maximized or have fallen over on their current hardware. There is this human condition which prevents us from wasting things at the moment the condition seems to be limited to money. If we apply this to not waste water, time or the environment I’m sure we’d have one heck of a time and build some awesome solutions.

Then again any idea as ideal as it may be if you put it on paper and stick it in a glass box, it won’t work. The world change and we need to change with it otherwise we won’t make it.


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