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About myself and everyone else.

If I had some free time.

Very little time goes by without me having some completely random thought.

Part of a blog is to put down the things I think off so I don’t forget about it. It is also pretty useful to get the odd person’s idea, if they randomly stumble onto this blog. I don’t really advertise it aside from the stint they I had to try and get my lo-rider prototype crowd sourced, but unfortunately people have more interest in funding zombie indie movies than a potential new bicycle , sigh.

So, if I had some free time and a little webdev skills, the problem is not that I don’t have a little, I could probably code something up but my problem is that I am uber critical on making it look super awesome and I want it perfect.   Accordingly I don’t get started unless I’m sure it can be awesome. I do think my bicycle is awesome and I’m still working on it, I’m digressing.


There are only about a million opinions on this. I don’t think this is just neurons working over time. I’m thinking this not due to the possible fact that I’m part of the people that suffers from volition  issues. Then again if I do suffer form it I might not be able to tell, PS Have you read the post about us not recognizing the interwebs being alive.

I do think dreams are a way that we deal with the day to day, sure this is true. But I do think there is more to it. I see people I have never noticed. Yes, my brain could probably select a random person from a busy street and super impose his \ her face onto whatever my subconscious my try to represent.  Completely possible, but why that person. There must be a reason why the association between an individual and a thought occur. Fantasies sure, this might fall into the easy bucket but not all dreams are purely based on fantasies, I still have nightmares these days as much as I had when I was a kid. I dig a bit deeper into the nightmares before I bail out so to speak but they are much the same.

There is the fact that during childhood you form your way of thinking and you get your wiring done. Sure, possibility but I don’t believe in Santa, eek! I should be careful what I write since my kids can read now. More concerning is the probability that they will actually read my blog, gosh or their friends. Now there is a way to stereo-typically destroy social network of my children anyway, moving on.

I have found it rather interesting to face a lot of my childhood fears and how that cascaded into my dreams and changed them. Again, this affirms how I believe in the microcosm, the individual functions the exact same way as the world, the more I become aware of my feelings and thoughts, the more the world will become aware of issues, the more I manage to balance myself the bigger change the world will have.

To get back to the point on free time and dreams.

There is a lot of stuff available on it.

I would like to create a website. A dreams database if you will. There are some but they just capture it. I want to apply BI on it, mine the data. Thus if I dream about a car accident I want to see if someone in a car accident could somehow be tied to the event of my dream.  Like much of the internet facts 🙂 there are tons of nonsense, but this is not new, we are taught what to believe from a young age. So if I could create a website and capture data, tag it, categories and stick some demographics on it, who knows what you may find, perhaps you can determine a state of a nation by the dreams of the individuals or perhaps you can determine the state of the world.

I think the collective coming together to do experiments is a fun thing.

Imagine you can get 70000 people in a stadium with a single ping-pong ball in the middle of the field. Try-to get it to lift. Stuff like this will once and for all put an end to all kinds of myth.

Millions of people have been the cause of carrying religion through the centuries in what it is today.

I reckon it’s time to try something else than the conventional. It will take just one event, if it doesn’t work then sure it’s taboo. But we have got to try and seriously try.


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