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Currently I live in New Zealand.

it’s not big. in fact it’s small.

We have what some would say a military. I’m not sure who we need protecting from. Seagulls and chilly winds, but that’s not something you can solve with guns, well maybe the seagulls. The military budget last time I checked is 3.06 billion dollars. This is a lot of money to spend on something you don’t really need. I do think it will be handy to have a couple of folks ready for tsunamis etc. But there are plenty of fire wardens around. This is compulsory for companies. So why not use the same people. (o wait fire wardens and medics don’t have guns).

Arg, I’m not really in the mood to state the obvious.

Let’s say we are going to get invaded. I don’t think the we have a chance to be honest against most countries.  It’s going to end up in a coin toss between the super powers, China, US and Russia and the tea sipping UK folks. Let’s just for a moment what would it be like to be conquered.

I’m sure there are plenty of countries that would not take the option if they have another chance to be rescued by the US after WWii. Just look how they turned out, broke. It took half a century for the whole deck of cards to come tumbling down and many countries still try to hang on when something clearly isn’t working.

If we did disband a part of our military and we did get saved by the US, (potentially) or invaded( by the US) . Definitions aside, if there are folks with guns that have guns and military outposts in your country how can you be sovereign. PS if you haven’t watch George Bush and his sovereign youtube video you should.

Now that we are saved we end up paying tribute for the new hundred years.

We don’t need an army. Build some new tech buildings or clean power or subsidize energy companies but military. I can’t see how it’s useful in our age, not 3 billion useful.

So what else is going on.

I’m not sure that green energy is the way, I don’t honestly thing there is such a thing as green energy. Take the wind as an example, I’m sure that by creating resistance via wind farms will have it’s issues. Potentially slower winds and potentially affecting everything related to wind, pollination, climate, humidity etc. This effects wildlife and thus once again we go full circle and work ourselves into a problem. I think when people started burning oil they thought, heck this smoke can’t be good but the world is so big, there is plenty of space for the smoke to dissipate to. Let’s light another.

I doubt they thought that 7 billion people is going to be dependent on it. Well that’s not accurate since plenty of folks live without it, my point here is that even with clean energies, such as thermal we are effecting earth, with geothermal we tap heat and convert it and maybe we get colder and colder. We go about our business like there is no consequences to our actions.

Silly rabbit.

Humans are too out-of-place for earth, I don’t doubt for a fact that we came from somewhere else. It’s not just watching a lot or too many xfiles as a kid but we don’t fit in here. We live in these box things, we called houses. It’s totally not natural. Everything else makes natural houses, grass ,sticks etc. I’d argue folks in Africa are for that reason more advanced but I’m afraid I can’t, simply because I know better.

We can’t live in caves because our eyes are not adapted for the dark, fire I reckon was some odd chance discovery, I actually know very little about where fire came from. I’m sure there are some interesting theories on that. I’m reminded by a quote from spiderman.

I wouldn’t be surprised that the whole Chinese bride thing is a way to spread the Chinese influence over the world. The woman bare children and teach them in cultural ways. Then one day the grand master of China will say , here unite us all , mwuhahaha.  They will then reward those who have lived far from the home land and offer them wealth for having children and teaching them in their ways , instilling culture , honor and a live for their origins.  It’s just as far fetch as 1000 virgins.

That’s another subject I don’t get, 1000 virgins, I’m not sure about other males but you only have 1 penis, 356 days in a year, also there are no contraceptives in the valley of the 100 virgins so population is simply unsustainable,   and what about fathering sons from these virgins. There will obviously be a bit of competition, although fairly gross at this point you have got to think this through. So let’s say you do have 1000 virgins, that’s not to say that after a thousand days (or depending on your libido) a couple of days that they will remain a thousand virgins.

The Christian heaven, eternity. The concept doesn’t exist. If eternity existed the one cannot simply “enter” heaven. Because if there is no concept of time it would be impossible to tell whether someone is there at one moment and not at another. Let alone the fact the in order to see someone you have to have photons which implies that heaven has to be in a galaxy or if it’s more ethereal then you could just argue it’s all a pot of BS. People can live in agony and poverty because they reckon wealth awaits, peace and (eternity). Try staring a at a wall for a couple of hours. Let’s see how not being poor or peace suits you when you are deprived of physical senses. (by the way this is used as torture at Club Gitmo).  I’d much rather put some effort into having a semi peaceful time and build heaven here where I can be guaranteed that my neighbor or friends of family are here. (here and now) . It’s interesting how the ethereal or non-physical i.e. heaven is described with earth terms, that would imply it’s earthly which means that wealth is only defined by poverty and peace with war.

I people were to think further than their noses.

Then I have another chuckle at religious folks always talking about their god as the light , I’ve actually seen it on facebook plenty of times. Let the god be the light, because no amount of darkness can put out the light or god is the light because if you have a dark room then it’s lit up, the world will be lit up. It’s all nice and well to use the metaphors, but then would it allow me by the same measurement to describe satan as a black hole ? I won’t because I don’t believe that such a person exists. However I do think you should be careful to compare ethereal to earth concepts. Perhaps it’s another reaaaaly good reason why you should live here on earth and do the best you can now.

Not tomorrow, today and now. Not with some one-time virgins but with someone you can stand to be with for your physical eternity on earth.Don’t hope that you end up in camp-heaven where all the cool kids are going, for the white South African racists, you know … black people , Indian or Malasian can also be Christians.  Enjoy the light of day, as much as you enjoy the darkness because without it life isn’t possible.

I’m not really a  big fan of Yoga, although I really try. I also try to meditate. I’ve considered taking classes but I can’t get myself to pay some pumpkin for my enlightenment. I don’t pay the church and I’m definitely not going to pay someone who is a yogi by day and a party animal by night that don’t align to ideals I might have about a yogi. I don’t doubt that there exist many true people but still paying you, why not offer it free. Then again to be honest it’s not about the money for me. I just don’t believe that a person needs a conduit . This goes for all religion or new age etc. etc.

I am a man in a forest. How will I find my salvation if there is no one to train me, if there is no one to take my 10% ( I won’t technically have income but that’s besides the point). I believe firmly that one person can become enlightened by his own right. For the same reason you should be able to go to heaven, or that special place designated by your religion on your own discovery if not, how did the first person managed to do it ? (divine intervention doesn’t count!).  It is your right , privilege but more than any sort of buzz word it’s within your reach. For this reason I really can’t see how others can so easily be exploited. People are so willing to follow, I honestly wouldn’t be happy to be called a sheep not in any context, and it has nothing to do with living in New Zealand.  I don’t follow and I don’t want to be part of a flocked controlled by a Shepard and his dogs.  I want to enjoy my own awareness, share theories about the potential of life and how my perception accounted for the diversity that can be shared with others in forms of story telling. There are a few yoga studios that really embrace the individual but most don’t. So for my part, I will stretch in the ways that I am slightly uncomfortable with and reflect on what exactly I’m looking for and whether I have already found it , that I can do, and share for free.

The emperor has no clothes on , it’s time to realize this.


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