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Putting your eggs in a presidential basket.

I was looking at a TED episode on how some guy want to and almost built a website that allows voting and change from the bottom up. i.e let the masses with internet vote and give their opinions on current affairs.

While staring at the television it slowly faded and my pondering turn to this top down approach that we have in the government. The top down approach of the church and the top down approach of a pyramids scheme.  I tried to relate to how these relationships work on the micro scale, what? you haven’t seen my posts on how the microcosm reflects the macro and vice-versa.

So I thought a bit about nature, I like nature. Mostly when it’s tropical but then again I also like cold weather when it’s nice and misty with crisp 10 degree breeze and the sun just reflects of all the moisture on the plants fighting a battle with evaporation. It reminds me of a saying, there is no such thing was bad weather, just a bad choice of clothing. In nature or the observable nature that I have seen in my time which is pretty short in human time  I cannot find a plant where the roots are more or less important that any other piece.  Roots have no problem never seeing the light of day, they stick to finding moisture in the ground, this could be seen as not very glamorous , don’t get me wrong, there are all different kinds of roots that suck moisture from the air etc. without the roots the plant won’t function. Technically the plant can grow new roots if you chop them off and the roots can’t always grow new plants . I guess nature has a pretty nice recovery model and they are pretty resilient .

In family life there is a bit of a hierarchy , however I don’t believe it’s a top down. It’s not salary driven and it’s not at least not meant to be power-driven whatever that power may be. The most effective relationships are driven by survival, when all members or parts of the whole strive to survive and become equal through what they can contribute then things just work out. Single families without grandparents and extended families around have a tough time when dealing with loss.

Now let’s have a look at a president, I figured (somewhere during my pondering and bright flashing lights) , why do we need a president ? . It’s pretty dumb to put so much responsibility on a single person. Honestly they don’t even do real work. They decide or envisage what the future should be and how to get there. I think they are more like a Sybil from the roman days. The other problem I have with this structure is that this top down approach has no accountability. Let’s take the second tier of this hierarchy and talk about that relationship, you have 10 ministers reporting to the president. 2 out of 10 fail in their achievements . Can the president be blamed, nope , maybe , it’s just 2 people right, healthy and education, who cares about that. At this point the president says “hey it wasn’t me , but I’ll make sure to deal with it” but the president don’t decide. He can pick people to work with pretty freely during his term which percentage out of the 10 should fail before we sack the president.

I reckon we don’t need a single person as a face of a country, a person who talks a whole lot but don’t really have the ability to change. That then pose the question, why have a president at all. Let’s deal with ministers and when they are faced with decisions let the majority vote. If the majority should want education then let the education budget prevail , majority is a scary term. I’ve lived in Africa long enough to know majority of a thing doesn’t mean it’s good. But hey, luckily I can go to Iceland if I want to. I know the majority might be more interested in Zombie movies than education etc. but that’s fair. Let all those folks go live in the same country where they can all dress up as zombies and do no work, great.

I don’t doubt for one second that this is an easy matter, but heck. Putting all your eggs in a single basket of a president and then have to wait 4- 10 years to kick his arse out, it seems a bit rotten.


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