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Change is as good as a holiday


A blog about a blog. I couldn’t decide on the theme but finally I did. What a first world problem to have.


The interesting thing is that it’s the posts that is work related that gets the most hits! I’ve done a gantt chart in SQL and reporting services complete with a recursive CTE and a time dimension that works out dependencies and then builds the data and dates in order for you to easily stick that in not-so-awesome reporting tools like excel and reporting services and very easily build a Gantt chart. That gets a million hits.

It’s obviously the BI factor.

The other posts that gets a lot of his are the personal stuff and on the odd occasion my rather unique opinion on what we can do. I try to keep it unique because everyone can complain. It’s not everyone that can work on solutions. It’s also the same as everyone that has a good idea doesn’t mean that they will make something off it. Before I could understand how maglev trains work I was sitting with my brother and said ! OMG what if you have magnets in a row and then put like a car on top of it, thanks to ACME rockets from the road runner. I invented maglev trains! I later  found out to my utmost disappointment that it’s already been done. It would have been much better if the internet was around when I was younger.

The theme took me some time to decide on, I like the column layout, it’s very windows 8, swipey movement ipad thingy. It also gives people a change to skip over the religious stuff if they feel they are comfortable with their opinion on religion or perhaps not comfortable enough in order to read it.

I’ve got some picture to add, I don’t mind. I like taking pictures and it gives me an opportunity to buy a macro lens which I have been looking for an excuse to buy. I have to say the iphones macro is not too bad considering that it’s free with an iphone 🙂 also I see smileys are looking bad in my posts, it’s very 1997 so I think I’ll opt out of that.


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