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The truth is out there.

In order to watch this series I had to stay  up late. I’m sure that many nightmares can be contributed to this but then again I also think that somehow it influenced me as a bit of a skeptic.

The X-Files.

I’m not even sure when this hit the SABC as they would have called it back in the day, South African Broadcast commission. I thoroughly enjoyed the series of X files because it was spooky. I’ve later took some time to watch the series, I’m not entirely through it but I can remember some of the stuff pretty well when I see it, it’s actually kind of scary to see what I can remember when seeing it again although in my conscious mind before watching it there is no chance that I could recollect anything.

This series came out in 1993, I mean this is pretty novel for those years. It’s 2 years before the commercialized version of ARPANET or what we know as the internet today hit the world.

Having done some reading on projects like Operation Bluebook , paperclip and other WWII secrets along with a whole bunch of random declassified MJ-12 docs I find it interesting how Chris Carter had such a good take on what was going on in the world with the governments and hiding things from people, after all it’s based on the abduction of Samantha Mulder, Fox’s sister and inspired by abductions in the US.

Also interesting that in the last episode of the first season it features a small alien, similar to the size of the movie by Dr Steven Greer, Sirius.

I ask myself why folks that watched the series during that time are those who are the most liberal of them all and the biggest skeptics. Is it because they thought they were being duped into believing in something, or did they believe in something and then gave up hope.

Similar to Fringe which can be seen as a spinoff of X-Files, there are a lot of clues and I don’t think you should take all of it as gospel but the truth is often hidden right between two fat lies. It must be a behavioral thing to be a little arrogant when lying and stick a bit of truth in there, maybe it’s to convince yourself that you are not all bad when you do lie, after all, there is a bit of truth in it.

If the Fox network (not sure if they still own it) but if they ever bring out a nice back page Blu-ray collectors edition. I’m going to be hard pressed not to buy it.

If Chris Carter had intended for his audience to just think twice before they take the world as it is for granted, maybe the time wasn’t right, my folks, uncles and family took it for entertainment the same way they did Mcguyver!

I blame the Hoff in nightrider!


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