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SmartSheet , If I told you I like it would you hold it against me.

I’ve been in IT long enough to appreciate a good tool.

What makes a tool good in my opinion.

First of all it has to make your job easier. The worse thing in IT is to spend time on something that has little or nothing to do with the output that you are employed for. Let’s take an example, Timesheets. Early in my career I was employed at IBM in South Africa. First of all logging into your system was a problem, you had a BIOS password which had to be entered, then a HDD password , then a windows password and then a lotus password  or some suites of butchered email client that for some reason reminds me of ICQ, all of this during startup, it took a while.

Timesheets at IBM was nightmarish, you had to go into extreme detail on what was done, this was obviously a requirement for the 3rd party billing which is normal but it ended up taking at least 30 minutes of your day to complete this. If you worked on a single item, a report for example it would have been easier but for a BAU type of personal they had literally hundreds of items that they worked on, this leads on to a tool being right for the job or not in the case of IBM. This was in the 2002 era so granted we didn’t have then what we have now.

Then there is Gantt charts, Microsoft Project took up this space in my career and was at two places where I worked during the 2005-2011. This is pretty straight forward, it did exactly what you expected it to do. I was never involved in paying for licenses so I can’t argue price.

In 2011 I started using Smartsheet , I found that I suddenly didn’t need my Gantt chart in reporting services anymore because I could simply do it much easier in smartsheet.

So it’s a very straight forward project management (and more) tool.

1 – It’s online so without any requirement for shared folders, version control or the colossal Sharepoint and integration you can easily collaborate on projects.

2 – Being online this brings ..pause, you could say it’s in the cloud, but before the cloud buzzword came about tons of applications was already in the cloud so to speak , the whole cloud thing is complete nonsense how it got reinvented and commercialized as something out of the ordinary… probably so business could charge you double !.

2 – It’s in the cloud! Not only is this accessible from anywhere you have a computer and internet but there is 0$ requirement for infrastructure, no migrations, no maintenance times etc. You also don’t need to jump through a major change control process to get things done. It’s right there , in your face. People  underestimate the footprint of applications. Let’s talk about those Microsoft project attachments.  The installation of an application is not where it stops. The application gets consumed and every project manager attached his of her project plan to email and send it around. What about the mailbox size, what about email traffic etc. etc. An applications footprint it not limited to it’s install.

3 – It does exactly what it’s meant to do. Build project Gantts.

4 – It’s simple, why does it need to be simple, it’s not simple as in stupid. It’s simple as in minimalistic  ( I wonder why I didn’t just say minimalistic in the first place, it must be a love for writing down words, see what I have done here I’ve in fact write 3 times as much)

5 – Given all of the above it will save you time, time is something you cannot get back, so the less time you spend on doing things that is not part of how you can improve, develop or maintain a system, the better.


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