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About myself and everyone else.


The time has finally come.

It has been ages, it feels like a lifetime. Finally the time is here where I can enjoy my freedom.

Freedom, the greatest definition I have heard was by Dmitry Medvedev, freedom is when an individual can live their life who no concept of a state to interfering with his experience. It’s time for my experience, it’s a wonderful moment. Like a fruit reaching its maturity the technological age has brought the entire human experience down to my fingertips and with the strike of a few buttons I can tap into any content I desire.

As a bit of an amateur pianist I can search for sheet music books and verify whether they can deliver to my country, without having to look at the sun or some unknown concept of clocks and time I can see where my package would come from and where it needs to clear customs and which country I could order the same from, for cheaper. I can compare currency rates up to the second and read world news on where I should avoid ordering from due to potential weather delays on a shipment.

While waiting for my shipment I can look at the sheet music being played on youtube and hear it, see it and experience it , in isolation with a set our turtlebeach headphones. I can enjoy this freedom while unsecurely chat on skype with friends in other continents.

Then my feeling of freedom and thirst for news leads me to, searching headlines as if I’m looking for something, I scan headlines of world situations but somehow I have developed a process whereby they , the headlines don’t make it into my memory as if some sort of subconscious positivity block is telling me , don’t take too much in of the world because it’s not real, not just in terms of propaganda by news agencies but perhaps in it’s entirety if our universe is in fact not as we perceive it, but I keep reading and thinking , how can I do my part.

I enjoy a freedom, as I read the words while listening to teach yourself german on spotify I think, wow, how free am I , in thought at least and experience. I don’t subscribe to just being.

I looked at #anon setting up to bust camp gitmo and for a short very seconds I find myself in the future, telling people around me how I saw the headline one day when the invisible changed the world and how the courage of #anon freed club gitmo and those individuals. What could an event like this do for mankind short of changing the world. I am reminded by the fact pointed out in fight club and the works of Carl Marx that the peasants or the workers will unite because they share the single powerful experience of living in poverty and commons. This common understanding and survival forge bonds between men , forged in some biblical furnace. It doesn’t take an 1808 novel or fight club to tell you, don’t @#$ with us. We are the people who connect you phone lines, take out your garbage, or in modern day and a little closer to my heart.

We are you system administrators, we setup your firewalls and secure your hosting, we ensure you encryption keys are backed up and we ensure your data is private. I’m surprised that is has taken this long to figure out, but then again it , doesn’t, we have always known it , but now is the time. I remember those young geeks we used to hang out with, those who they said, nothing will come of you, they are all grown up now. They saw through your bias and your projection of superiority.

They remember, they do not forgive and they do not forget. Expect them.


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