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How fast does your heart beat?

I’m not sure how pace comes into play here but I definitely think there is differences between individuals, I’m sure even if it’s just minor given the amount of beats per day and beats per life these subtle differences can make a big difference.

My heart beat and the rate of change in my life is partly based around my finances. There are many things I would like to build or buy but generally this is limited to what my budget is.  I do smaller projects that can fit inside my budget, mostly micro scale projects and building proof of concepts or breaking a big project down into smaller projects.

For instance, I’m doing landscaping (digging holes and planting things and raising, lowering ground) in my garden. I cannot possibly afford it all in one go. So I set out and buy a 5$ weed mat which yup, prevent weeds from growing through my gravel. So using this method I can balance my budget, my spare time since there are plenty of other things to do. This is great, I have progress and I get to do my project which I think the biggest reward is the meditative time you spend thinking, or not thinking.

I don’t think this time is limited to individuals. During the last 2 years I’ve worked at enough IT places to know that IT companies also have a heartbeat. I think this is a very important aspect of a company that you need to get into on before you join them. This should be on your list of interview questions, it is maybe more relevant if you are a DBA than some other positions but I’m sure these indicators flow through to marketing etc.

I’ve worked at companies with a short heartbeat, 1 week . This meant that anything you can do can be done in a week. Projects would be set around this milestone, developers would obviously be more acquainted with agile but in essence this is not limited to development. I’m not sure if the infrastructure folks weren’t at the meeting , maybe they weren’t invited or maybe they didn’t feel it’s in their scope to attend, surprize though as this is very important.

If your heartbeat\ sprint is 3-6weeks, honestly this is too slow in my opinion. I remember in a company I worked for where things were too slow to procure hardware an individual decided @#$ that, and he went out and bought what he needed, and moved on, productively.

A young business growing shouldn’t have a lead time of that long, it’s simply too slow.

In a business I don’t think there should be limits put on your pace, this includes vendor times for procurement, setting up contracts , SLAs etc. Why is this issue close to my heart? Well. There is enough beating-around-the-bush going on in the world with politics, wars, diplomacy and nonsense.

It shouldn’t hold up business.

In todays integrated society you need to pick your partners carefully.Don’t pick just because sheer size. Make sure you keep in mind the pace that your heart beat.

It’s a pain in the arse if I have to sit at work for the sake of it. Waiting to do stuff. Sure I get paid, but I’d much rather make real change. When you have nothing stopping you , I have found that most people just sit and work till it’s done regardless of the time. This brings me to another point when it comes to flexible time. ha, what a lie.

I remember doing 84 hours overtime in the month of October 2009 while working for we had an implementation of a massive replication model which just , well just for a month went pear shaped. Then one day where I decided I’m tired and left at normal time, I had a call from my manager which eventually ended up him swearing at me to get to work. Flexible time in the office is not flexible when it’s not on your terms. That would be time-in-lieu or extra leave.  This is another question you can have at your interview, how flexible is you flexitime.

For instance, I’d be doing weekend index maintenance, partly because I’ve written a tool which I think is probably some of the best stuff that makes my life easier and another part I want to get it done because that’s what needs to get done, but then I have to get chirped by my line manager because I want to leave 30 minutes earlier on a friday to make an appointment. I’ll still do index maintenance on weekends, like I said, it needs to get done and thus I have to do it, however the managerial attitude I found uncalled for.

I’ve only recently started to appreciate the good managers I’ve had over the years. Ones that allow you to explore several best ways of doing things, ones that through leading by example earns respect and authority. Those who make judgement calls based on fact rather on prejudice.

+1 for good managers that keeps your company’s heart beating with the pace that business requires.


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