Muller Jannie

About myself and everyone else.

Feeling pretty glum , chum?

I shouldn’t be affected by other people’s success right ?

This is probably due to me hitting my head or something as a child because I find myself in isolation when dealing with these sort of emotions.

I push myself everyday to achieve things I haven’t done before. It helps you keeping yourself on your toes, it’s fun learning but most of all I think it’s important to be rather humbled by the experience that you don’t know everything. So what is the measure of ones character, its beautifully laid out in BIOSHOCK, who owns the sweat of a man’s brow ?

Who owns your achievement and by what can you measure someone.

I think simply using money as a benchmark is a pretty linear way of looking at things. The royal family for instance, they have money , power and influence. I’m yet to read on how they changed peoples lives for the better. If money being the measure the ratio of success would be the amount of good deeds divided by the amount of money. It might turn out that like in america most donations are tax write offs and gets exploited.

I’m lucky to work at a company where the CEO has plenty of bucks i.e. 10 millions and I’m surprised that he is still here , probably earlier than most of the staff. I ask myself, man would I have done that. It’s winter, surely it’s better to still be in bed. I can conjure up some good excuses to be home but given your home life I’m sure I could do an equally good job to have an excuse to be at work.

I’ve recently investigated Elon Musk, born south african in 1971. This is 10 years older than I am, he made his first 100million$ ages ago, does that mean that makes him a great person. Not really, it makes him a very good businessman and given a string of very cool qualifications I think he is more walk-the-walk as opposed to other successful easy-come-easy go individuals.

When I have some free time I think on how I can change the world, how to get off the grid and sustainable so I can make change. It’s the irony in it, that I know it would probably be better to just focus on relaxing to enjoy your time here. I would certainly have a better social life if I was a person that would talk about beer and rugby and woman, but then again. I enjoy it to get other peoples ideas on how they see the world. It’s a discussion these days that seem to border on the line of don’t talk about religion or politics.

It really depends where you want to be and what do you measure yourself by.

So if I do my best, shouldn’t that make me feel good . Sure. But if my best was good enough then I would stagnate and cease to exist. There is no excuse why you can’t do something. There are enough examples of people who came into power from nothing or from a silver spoon. So ladies and gents. You really don’t have any excuses not to go above and beyond your own expectations. Need I point you to Stephen Hawking contemplating the universe in a wheelchair.


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