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What ifs

Traffic lights.

I can’t stand how once the light has gone green for traffic to go there is this 5-10 seconds where nothings. It’s like the person in front , on the line that says stop are surprised that the light has gone green. Naturally if you are the fifth car there is this compounded effect and guess what, you might not make the green light.

For the most part in the countries where I lived it’s the same. Somehow I won’t be surprised if it’s more efficient in germany, but that’s another story.

Typical me, I don’t just complain, I offer solutions!

I think the perfect solution for this would be to move the stop line back about 5-10m (for those poor people from America, this is 15 feet give and take some toes also you should read Outliers). from the actual intersection. Then there should be an orange light before it goes green (I think this might happen in the states). But when the light goes orange it means you can start driving and by the time you get to the front line of the intersection the light will be green. Now if I had a smaller brother which I could ask to do things for me I would tell him to write me an application that stimulates this. I’ve written something in gamesalad which was pretty cool but after a number of cars the application just dies, it’s obviously not meant to create a lot of instances of things. However I have to give some shout out to gamesalad, it’s pretty cool.

Other silly things.

download (2)

Car parks. Honestly I can’t understand why people make car parks that you need to park in exactly straight. The best car parking spots are the diagonal ones. It’s not just about the parking either, most people can’t drive . This is not because they are bad people. It’s like when you go to the movies and someone else is sitting in your chair. If there is plenty of space,   similar to that between George W Bush’s ears then I’d just sit anywhere.  The problem comes in when the cinema is full and Gestapo 667 comes in and you are sitting in his chair.

This is a point where things just goes bad as it turns that the entire cinema has to move all because a single person was sitting in the wrong chair, not because they are being a thorn in your side but because somehow the liquid from his juice and wet ink on the ticket turned the 1 into a 7.

But to get back to the parking. Parking is tricky because the first person parked like his (see I could have been sexist and said her) @#% everyone else is affected. So now suddenly it takes about 5 minutes for people to get in and out of the parking. This is a problem because it creates a traffic jam in the parking lot. I always have a nice laugh when going to Moore Wilsons in Wellington when the self-appointed car park officer hit panic stations. This is inevitably bad for business because it takes long for people to get in the store. I don’t know why in design school people forget how to draw curves. Thus we live in these box-shaped houses. How about the funky nautilus shell houses, it’s perfect for insulation and very strong, they can even build them in mexico.Surely these things are easy to prefab.


+1 for diagonal car parks.



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