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New Zealand’s colonial false freedom flag.

Happy Camper, in very general terms you can use this term to describe me. I’m not overly cynical but I have a healthy understand of what we could probably be different and be better off for it. I work in the IT industry, a database administrator to be exact. In this position I’m rather familiar with the effect of running into a brick wall, you may think I’m a stunt man but I’m not.

I know I’m not the only one who deals with this, you can google Brent Ozar tropical shirt. This guy is not only clued up when it comes to the DBA goodies, I’d have a beer with him or dinner to talk about brick walls more so than database tasks, since he has a great sense of humor.

What I don’t find funny is when things happen to me and I cannot do something productive about it. This is a problem, a big problem. In an instant I have flashbacks of what seems to be an extinct occupy movement. It couldn’t last, rioting is not sustainable , just look at africa… but giving me newly found understanding, hitting home so to speak I can associate, I can put myself in their boots and smell the teargas.

About a month or so ago my wife received a letter in the post, it wasn’t a bill in fact it was worse.

It’s a letter from the local New Zealand tax department, IRD.

The letter read something like this.

“Hi, we saw that you had income which wasn’t declared and since we don’t have any employment records (PAYE) we are going to take some money from your account.”


A little bit about my finances,in South Africa it’s pretty normal for both husband and wife to work. The kindergartens and creches are pretty good , superior to anything in Australia and New Zealand (where I have lived with children).  When I moved from South Africa, based on the expensive child care we moved to a single income family. I believe in equality and I know money is a wonderful means of creating independence. Thus , my wife and I have our own separate accounts and when I earn my salary, I transfer from my account to my wife’s account. Personally I feel that this creates a trust and we share responsibility when it comes to the finances and this way it also splits the variable with fixed expenses.

Why is this a problem,

Well even though I get taxed when I earn my salary, I also pay PAYE and all kinds of compulsory contributions. This is the norm, but since the letter of the IRD. My wife, who is not EMPLOYED has to pay tax on the money I transfer to her account. This is bad. Very bad.

I have several problems with this.

The IRD thus looked into her account, without any permission. They just looked at the account and said, ah ok you have income, let’s tax you and deduct the money out of your account. My wife didn’t get notified, she didn’t have time to state her side of the story etc.

Secondly , the letter is addressed to both of US and the account is only in my wife’s name, this raises some suspicion on why it would be address to both of us when there is no reference to myself on her account.

My wife called the bank which is ANZ. They are apologetic but say unfortunately they can’t do anything about it ? That’s just @#%@ great. I thought I’m your customer?

This far, there has been no results in speaking to the IRD.

Am I worried about the money, no that is not the point.

My point is that my privacy is violated, my relationship with ANZ has gone to bits. My trust in New Zealand’s ability to keep smart individuals has also just gone down the toilet since they obviously just follow the flock. What if at that time there was no money in the account (since I’m not JP Morgan) , would they have charged an overdraft. If there was no money in the account, would they have issue repossession of equity?

This is completely and utterly a disgrace of my freedom.

-1 for New Zealand.

For more urgent news that will affect you, you can also catch up on this link

This basically means that, as in Greece so it will be in NZ.

More info

Your day can’t get any worse at this point, it’s 8:53 am. Talk about a bad day.


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