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Gold fish.

Thinking and goldfish always make good analogies.

So, the other day I was staring at my fish tank thinking how I still yearn to build the 3m ( about 9 feet for those folks left behind pre-metric). While looking at the fish tank, aside from the obvious thoughts on how humans try to incorporate nature into their living environments and how it would be to live in confinement etc.

I thought, it’s so great how the neons school together.

Occasionally I think these rather normal thoughts, which I’m sure there are some good articles on the web for. but I thought.

How does a neon tetra know it’s a neon tetra to school with the others.

So this is a good article

I wonder if it would be too far-fetched to just say, they know it. Because of a greater force. For instance, how about different types of fish that school together because they are of the same family. i.e. a neon tetra and a silver tip tetra also school together. Curious science tells us that they smell the same, the same as their relatives ?

There is a good book on the dogmatic science practice by Rupert Sheldrake. It’s worth a read.


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