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Spotify worth a try.

I think I’ve made a post about this before, sort of.

Spotify is a music subscription service like many other on the web. I think Pandora might have been first and Spotify was definitely not the first. I started using it little over a year ago and has since upgraded from the free service to a paying service.

It’s simple, I love music.

I’m not quite sure what other people see and feel for music. I find it rather difficult to think that Sean Paul or Riana could remind you of something deep and emotional, a moment of life and experience that change the person who you are, but then again, I’ve never really listened to it long enough to accurately judge.

I can tell you what I have listened to and mostly why. For reason completely non-educational in this case, I watched Billy Bob Thornton in Bad Santa, which is definitely not an intellectual film but , it’s funny. On the movie one of the songs is Nocturne in e, done by Frederich Chopin, the song is beautiful and it’s on my list of pieces to learn how to play on the piano. So I read a little about Mr Banana fingers chopin. A bit of a rebel so to speak he was a no-one in music, then he learned to play, he went to study and completely went against the norm of the theory in those days, he then started to out perform his mentors and ended up with a enduring Chopin style which he developed. Curious the underdog. The apprentice becomes the master.

On the real amazing side of things, chopin has the golden ratio in his music. If you follow links on the golden ratio some of which have since been removed off wikipedia, chopin features regularly. Within bars he could compose music with mathematically have the golden ratio, also entire pieces of music that each bar features the ratio and the each additional note played also develops to  the golden ratio. I’m not sure if this is on the side of mathematical genius or was it pure luck or then again, is it just the nature of what sounds good to us on the ear naturally resonates with specific frequencies which could be ingrained in us due to rhythmic in-utero heartbeats of the mother.

On a less mathematical artist, Nancy Sinatra. I came onto the song from Kill Bill, bang bang. Honestly  , an uneducated fool like myself in my younger years thought Nancy was Frank Sinatra’s wife ( I didn’t watch too many old movies). Then I read her story. Her music is still getting remixed today, inspired by her dad she grow up around the performing arts. Then later aspired to carve her own destiny in a market dominated by males. She also looks good on the album cover in a little navy outfit. What can I say , it tells a story of doing it your way, instead of your dads way. The pressure of living in the lime light of an iconic figure can’t be easy.

I recently got into the ebooks that’s available on Spotify. There are some great stuff but search is somewhat lacking. I honestly feel that search is becoming a major problem in the world of the internet and google is not doing a good job at helping you find things. It lets you find the sites with the highest bidder. You can google the findings of Microsoft on google (ironic is it not) as for bing. gosh, bing couldn’t find updates for internet explorer more locally my internet banking. Really. how on this good green earth can you not find it.

Sound tracks are also available on spotify , music is an extremely powerful tool to remember. (Smell more so). I can recall scenes from movies and the track that played at the time, specific ones are Israel Kamakawiole (it’s Hawain so probably spelled incorrectly). This is from Finder Forester and Meet Joe Black. Specific times and scenes where I thought, how can one individual truely reach these hights, it’s not just movies either, you can look at Stalin who came from a rather broken background, Osama Obama,  and against many odds which could possibly be psychic attacks if it’s not too far fetch for you , Stephen Hawking.

Interestingly enough I’m a big fan of Kanye West, it only really came around in the late twenties. I’ve always enjoyed a bit of Dre, Snoop Dog, Jay-z and P (diidy-daady etc). There is a lot to say for how racism and the dark years of the soft apartheid in America influenced this. As performers , like the surpremes , Jackson five etc. A unique cultural situation which in my opinion was no different that the apartheid in South Africa (if not worse) this shaped the American music which is pretty MAJOR today.

I recall some lyrics from Kanye West, This dark diction has become America’s addiction
Those who ain’t even black use it

I remember my dad telling me as a kid growing up in apartheid SA. One day your  president will be black. I wonder if those folks on the hard left side were told the same. If you are in texas you could still have a change but if you are not in texas then , Sir, You have a black president.

Music is rather enduring, I find myself going back to music that my parents listened to and even older, many pieces of music older than I am are still remixed today or simply branded.

I’m reminded by movies like The boat that rocked (Soundtrack available on spotify) that there are so much more to music, embedded in the lyrics of muse, which featured on The Sea Shepard, Discovery channel .

There is a subtle world embedded in music. Never underestimate the intelligence of artists such as Lady Gaga, Marilyn Manson, Matthew Bettany, David Bowie, John Lennon, Beatles and there are tons others which I’m sure you have your favorites.

We are like the living tuning fork, we resonate to the music, it literally change our brain waves, it can give you power while you are in a workout or it can bring peace with something harmonious , music can incite violence or bring people together and music  can inspire you to write blogs and change the world.


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