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Welcome Back Dr. Vegetable

What a trip. A trip of your life.

Several months ago I was buying piano sheet music. This was because I was trying to learn some songs from Muse on the Piano. I was a bit tired listening to music on spotify and I decided to try their ebooks. Curiously I listened to the ebook by Will Tuttle. It’s called the World Peace Diet. If you have learned anything from my blog is that I have an opinion on politics and although this book appears to be about food. It’s as much about food as it is about politics.

I finished listening to the audio book which is free.

As I said, I was buying sheet music and buy some weird recommendation by Amazon’s Pearson coefficient I was recommended plant based nutrition by Juliena Heaver. So I bought it and I read it. It was a bit of an eye opener.

You have to get some context around this, I’m South African, I grew up on a farm and I ate eggs, meat,bacon,sausages and drink plenty of milk. Once I finished the book on plant based nutrition I finished the groceries that I had and moved on the plant based food. I like milk and cake and meat, and BBQ’s but more than that I love living and if there is anything I can do to change living, then I’ll do it.

It’s been several months now that I haven’t had any animal products. I feel vibrant and I can run faster and longer than what I used to. If you want to change the world, before the US decides to bomb Syria in order to get to Iran the final stand. Change the way you eat.

I can imagine how Jesus felt when he told folks not to do bad things, I don’t even had credits like Jesus but with all the love that I could possible have I ask that you read these books, open your eyes like Tom Cruise in vanilla sky or Oblivion or the folks in Cloud Atlas.


The China Study – Dr T Colin Cambell

The world Peace diet – Will Tuttle

Plant Based Nutrition

Forks over knives! – 300 yummy recipes, but there are some awesome blogs on the subject.

Tell at least one person.

– Hats off for the folks doing the protests against Syria.


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