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2014 The future is back

It’s been a while since my last blog. The good news is that I’m still only eating plant-based foods. I have not faltered, this is going on 9 months so it’s great and I’m even giving a hand in the kitchen. The soy milk I’m making is finally at a point where the kids will also drink it and I can make rejuvelac that attract more than just insects!

Apart from diets I’ve changed jobs (again), it turns out that the company I worked for had interviewed for a surgeon by they didn’t really want the precision and pragmatic (not in a pain in the arse way) that I was hoping for. Thus I moved on.

When I lived in the UK my boredom and hours of commute bore fruit, nothing changed

I managed to construct a greenhouse , a cubby house for the kids and I gained a level or two in woodwork not to mention the acquisition of some great tools and a few scars. I also managed to check on of the items off my bucket list. Write a book.


The dark side of enlightenment is a work I always wanted to do and it’s an outlet of the required experiences in my life. Personally this helps me to get rid of the emotion behind it and I prefer it in a book on the shelf as opposed to repressed memories gnawing away at my day-to-day life preventing me from achieving my full potential.

It also helps that there are plenty of good stories that one can draw from, associate and perhaps I would be as capable to entice you to read specific books which will guide you to scholastic material that covers everything from the magic of parenting or just magic or science (depending on whether you prefer to follow Carl Sagan or not).

Happy new year!


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