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My New Age

I sit and wonder if during the turn of the century i.e 1999 there was a much going on about the end of the world as there is now in 2012.

I can’t help but think there wasn’t, although I cannot be 100% sure because at the time I had just left school, I swore that I would never touch a book after my exams and giving the celebrations of entering varsity, quite frankly I couldn’t be bothered. I doesn’t mean that I didn’t see the shows about Nostradamus or a prophecy about the millennium bug for computing.  I was hoping something would happen in order to get a few more zeros at the end of my bank balance to be honest.

Nothing happened. There was fireworks, the same as every year followed by a hangover and regret about behaviour.

12 Years is a long time though, at least everything that I can remember I know was completely different. Since then life has been very interesting , out of the ordinary on the spiritual side.

I was fortunate enough to have had a cousin who always had an interest in science, he was definitely on the smart side of the family. Only around 2006 I came to realise how many of the science ideas are incorporated and borderline the unexplained, good books such as the Dancing Wu Li Masters by the author of the seat of the soul has said it, and they have been saying it for a while, I was surprised when I read the date published, I couldn’t imagine that this information has been available for literally longer than my lifetime and people are so ignorant of it.

I spend my fair share of time online , in chatrooms and gaming, the wonder of the internet made it possible to spread ideas between teenagers then wondering about the world and the cosmos; parent thought only that internet was evil mostly due to the big unknown.

In the recent years I really reached the pinnacle of this information age, I have seen so many website borderline on the phrase copy cat about change, anti government and establishment. This won’t work. I’ve written on a forum once that two people can’t even agree what the call their website posts and concepts. It two people and this can be seen in items such as marriage, if two can’t agree, how on earth will we stand together for change.

I’m definitely guilty of thinking that I should just take my things and leave society, go grow your own food and sit and stare at the stars. They may sound very nice but this is definitely not moving forward, we don’t have the technology that we do because we shouldn’t have it, we have medicine and corrective surgery for many ailments. On average we live longer and are smarter than what we have ever been, at least if you were that inclined there is no limit to information.

I have met enough people who want to leave their current busy lives to settle down , try a different life that I can see how many can do this.

My interest in the time is not to advocate change, there is enough of that going around. I’d like to meet like minded individuals who knows that it is not in the change that we make outside, going to live away from war doesn’t change it. The war continues, I’m much of a hypocrite in saying this as I moved from South Africa. It is even more difficult to change the world when you have consider your own family and children, it gets complicated.

The world will most likely change, I couldn’t see it in 1999 but looking back I do. I’ve read in a good book that the path of enlightenment is not living an enlightened live but realization that you don’t.

I have considered creating a forum and get masses of people to join a facebook group, but my intention is to get a few who believe that they can make a difference and then we can do it. I have joined a couple of these sites and after a few weeks due to little action they all fizzle out.

If you have been wondering or feeling you want to make a difference and maybe feel especially awakened from reading material. Fee free to drop me an email.

We won’t change by thinking about changing , we should just realise there is a better way and do that. The more people there are who you can trust and rely on the easier it will be. It is surprisingly easy to trust someone when money is not in the equation. If you want to recommend a good book please feel free to email me the name.

Interesting reads on this topic in no specific order.

– Master Key system, Dancing Wu Li Masters, Seat of the Soul, History of Time, Brief History of nearly everything, Water Wizard, Book of the dead. The work of Valery Uvarov, project 12, Victor Schauberger, Collum Coats, the Camelot & Avalon Series, David Willcock, Patrick Geryl, Ancient Aliens, Tarot card reading, Law of One series,God’s Debris , Crossing the Rubicon, most of the work of Rene Descartes, Christian Bible.

There is still many books I’d like to add to this but you get the  general idea.


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