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About myself and everyone else.


O wow , it’s 2013, Q2 even.

I started this blog  in 2011. I didn’t really intend for it to have become a big part of my life, I use it a lot as a dairy. I think most of the time when you put things down on paper it forces you to actually think what you are saying. It helps me digest thoughts and I think it’s also super therapeutic. Besides for what it does for me I would be really happy if it could make you think twice about something, think twice about how our world is and what you can do to change it. If you don’t think change is required then I hopefully would struck a chord somewhere to get you away from watching zombie movies and smell the fresh air.

IMG_6649I wasn’t bothered by these things when I was younger, I was interested in what my mates were doing in the evening. Although I have a few relationships that still endure. Unfortunately there are few that I would be able to call up and say, hey let’s do a project together, not that I don’t trust them but just because they couldn’t be bothered to do anything other than having a good time, in that way , I’m alone. As part of my quest with a blog is to somehow find or unite I’d rather say with people that share views but most of all opinions, because it would be a pretty boring world if everyone had the same opinion.

So, I take some humble pie in knowing that somehow I have managed to almost religiously add posts and not have the blog fall into disarray . For now, I sit and wonder on what the next post would be, actually I know but I pace myself.

Thanks for reading!

It’s 2012 now, so I’ve updated this page a bit!

About me, not too much I can say really. I’m unique like everyone else.

My interests cover a large range of subjects, I earn a living from IT. Because I’m rather paranoid / informed about the risks of identity theft well, how much can you really say. I have an interest in the metaphysical, new age and history, horticulture , nature (such as the works by Victor Schauberger & lord Kelvin), photography, indie filmmaking, computer hardware (you have to for IT ), Gaming not so much these days I’m over FPS and Wow and most other MMO’s however I’d pick up Ultima Online in a snap. I have a big interest in changing the way we live these days, so definately engineering (however I missed that bus when I enrolled to study IT), free energy ( the conundrum of natural energy from the void).

I enjoy the pretty much everything life has to offer that won’t harm this physical vehicle that of course. In saying this enjoyment of life is limited to a budget and time.I’m definately guilty of thinking that other people’s lives are more glamourious than my own however, I used to think that at least , used to.

For the most part I’ve created the site in order to share some ideas and concepts from IT and basically how to create change in the way that you think.

My Favorite things in the IT world.

  • Hotmail, I’ve always used this since I had to find a free email provider when I need an account for Ultima Online Registration.
  • Google, Strangely enough I couldn’t find something the other day. I was search for Victor Schauberger and the water channel he designed to create oxygenated water that kills the bacteria. There is a special name for it and it’s not log flumes.
  • MSN, untill recently it has just become too busy with adverts.
  • Skype
  • MS Office (Honestly I can’t work without it)
  • Eurocom Laptops. My GFX died and I basically can’t get Eurocom to support me for fixing it without physically shipping it to Canada.
  • VLC for All (All is an understatement) video & Audio.
  • WinAce
  • Spotify
  • SQL server.
  • Intel, Their mobo’s are good, CPU’s , on-board GFX helps me not having to buy pci-e cards.
  • Asus – I’ve got a 6 year old F3H laptop which I can still get the drivers for on Asus’ website. Now that’s support.
  • windirstat! for any disk size queries you might have if you wonder where your space is going.

Good times,

Other notes, my blog, my opinion. It does not reflect any opinions of anyone else, just my own view. I don’t aim to insult, injure or cause any financial damage to anyone. I’m off the opinion that critique is good and could only improve our world.


One comment on “About

  1. Andrew
    September 21, 2011

    Nice one Jannie, great website.
    Hope all good your side
    Take care
    Andrew Houston, SA

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