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Jagged Alliance

A couple of months ago this made a comeback. This is not a spinoff of the original but the real deal. I’ve completed the campaign several times with different strategies … Continue reading

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Ultima is back

ON less hardcore things in life. Ultima is back, this is just awesome. It’s also cross platform, Since I’ve been a big fan of this game I’m definitely going to try … Continue reading

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If I wasn’t a DBA

Then I’d like to be a game programmer. Then again, I’d prefer to  design. I like to think about what works for games and what will work for society and … Continue reading

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Are you ready to change in the year of the Dragon and Steve Jobs.

Happy new year, My Skyrim hours have steadily been climbing. Much fun… I’m enjoying the game more and more and I’ve decided to just mission about. I have no idea (in-game … Continue reading

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Blast from the past

I can easily close my eyes and remember the first time that I saw the settlers game. The year was around 1996  and I was visiting a friend , we … Continue reading

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Hexagon map – in c++

I’m definitely not a c++ programmer. I’m a SQL DBA. However over the last couple of weeks (2) I figured I’d like to get into programming it. I learned c++ … Continue reading

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Designing your home computer

I’ve been fortunate enough to be in the IT industry and exposed to technology since a young age. It could have been earlier and I could have been much better … Continue reading

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Since the release of Virtual PC what seems to be about 100 years ago I’ve tried to run games on it. The first editions of Virtual PC simply told you. … Continue reading

September 30, 2011 · 1 Comment

Playing Games

After reminiscing over the lack of depth in the games of today I thought it’s worthwhile to write a post about a game series I particularly enjoyed. Games and The … Continue reading

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