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Welcome Back Dr. Vegetable

What a trip. A trip of your life. Several months ago I was buying piano sheet music. This was because I was trying to learn some songs from Muse on … Continue reading

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Spotify worth a try.

I think I’ve made a post about this before, sort of. Spotify is a music subscription service like many other on the web. I think Pandora might have been first … Continue reading

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Could David Bowie ever have imagined this. This song is definitely one of my favourite bowie tracks, in space. I’m speechless. It reminds me that no dream could ever be … Continue reading

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The time has finally come. It has been ages, it feels like a lifetime. Finally the time is here where I can enjoy my freedom. Freedom, the greatest definition I … Continue reading

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Earth Tax

I briefly covered this point in one of my rants but I think it requires a better explanation. A big company, a big problem, especially when it comes to companies … Continue reading

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New age, New new Age

So , it’s interesting how the whole 2012 thing didn’t pay off. Don’t get me wrong I’m pretty glad to still be here. I’m also pretty happy that through this … Continue reading

April 17, 2013 · 1 Comment


Source of awesomeness. Today I emailed wikipedia in a hope to add my name as a sponsor onto a page. Hi guys   I’ve been reading wikipedia for years, I … Continue reading

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Size does matter.

Not to be funny, but have you seen the size of Russia recently ? Some years ago I looked at some of the in-depth stats on Russia, it’s twice as … Continue reading

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So long, good bye.

Ha, Not if we could help it. It’s the holidays, I’m sitting back and enjoying the fact that I can do absolutely nothing. Well actually I’m not doing nothing. I’ve … Continue reading

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You have my vote Mr President.

I’m really glad Julian Assange decided to put on the political boots (formally) to join the system in Australia. This is about time someone start something formally. This is the … Continue reading

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