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Gold fish.

Thinking and goldfish always make good analogies. So, the other day I was staring at my fish tank thinking how I still yearn to build the 3m ( about 9 … Continue reading

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This post is actually a day old in my head. But luckily given the lack of time that I had to write it down, I thought of some examples and … Continue reading

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Putting your eggs in a presidential basket.

I was looking at a TED episode on how some guy want to and almost built a website that allows voting and change from the bottom up. i.e let the … Continue reading

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Random – I don’t get its

Currently I live in New Zealand. it’s not big. in fact it’s small. We have what some would say a military. I’m not sure who we need protecting from. Seagulls … Continue reading

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If I had some free time.

Very little time goes by without me having some completely random thought. Part of a blog is to put down the things I think off so I don’t forget about … Continue reading

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Humanity , well not all of humanity.

My previous post¬†definitely¬†warrant some elaboration on some topics. But this is not it. I was obviously on a roll, read that twice. Not on something rolled. I mean on a … Continue reading

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The affair , it’s been 7 years

I was 23 at the time. I’m not sure exactly how we first met, from what I can remember now it was all a mystery. I’ve heard the name mentioned … Continue reading

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Love the irony

It started with making idle conversation with a colleague at a lunch , Every morning I drive past the central port in Wellington, past the site where they collect all … Continue reading

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Good bye Hugo, Good luck Venezuela

Work has kept me well away from blogging, for a day or two. It’s friday , it’s early and a good time to write something. Good bye Hugo, In any … Continue reading

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What do you want to do.

It pains me, this song that I remember from Smash Mouth, I believe it’s about some people who are 40 and they don’t know what to do with their lives.. … Continue reading

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