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New Zealand’s colonial false freedom flag.

Happy Camper, in very general terms you can use this term to describe me. I’m not overly cynical but I have a healthy understand of what we could probably be … Continue reading

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Random – I don’t get its

Currently I live in New Zealand. it’s not big. in fact it’s small. We have what some would say a military. I’m not sure who we need protecting from. Seagulls … Continue reading

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Losing my religion

As a kid I went to church because I was told to, I really didn’t fight that much because much like most adults which I have later realized  it’s a great … Continue reading

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Not so bad.

A while ago I made a post about the NZ folks chopping down trees for fun more than investing in sustainable economy. The other evening I went out for a … Continue reading

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Nice one Heineken (not)

Last night I saw this Heineken advertisement on television. I thought it was a bit distasteful The advert features three men that walks into a bar. They stand around and as per the … Continue reading

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Honey, pack our bags.

Just when I thought it’s save to let my hair down. Welcome to your future mutation. One ear for you, allergy for someone else. Not sure if you read … Continue reading

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How to say no to America

This is just crazy The nation that bore Homer Simpson,South Park, Al Bunday and Jerry Springer, ACTA, SOPA wants to annihilate us from space. I don’t doubt that this is old … Continue reading

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Prime Minister responsible for the death of soldiers

Prelude Let’s break this down. #1 A senior Taliban warlord suspected of being behind the IED bomb attack that killed three New Zealand soldiers has been killed, the Prime Minister … Continue reading

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For a while I’ve been listening to this guy, Michael Tsarion The above links and URL has many hours of Video to watch. I would find it worth posting … Continue reading

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NZ Immigration

A couple of week ago I received a letter, well an email from Settlement Unit Settlement, Protection & Attraction Division Immigration New Zealand | Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment New … Continue reading

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