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How fast does your heart beat?

I’m not sure how pace comes into play here but I definitely think there is differences between individuals, I’m sure even if it’s just minor given the amount of beats … Continue reading

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Index Maintenance.

Why do index maintenance, if you don’t know this. Then I’m afraid this code is probably overkill for you and I don’t think you should run it. I’ve been doing … Continue reading

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Kerberos the 3 headed beast!

For the myth seekers, this isn’t it. In digging around in some msdn archives I found this really awesome post on kerberos and SQL server. I’m so going to print … Continue reading

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Reporting Services

Maybe you have seen this. Login failed for user ”. when using unattended execution The report execution x67wqt55acfewcugepmvrkn has expired or cannot be found. (rsExecutionNotFound). Perhaps you have had a … Continue reading

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Simple SQL.

What I like most is SQL functions that can save me time! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sat and stared at my inbox while waiting for the … Continue reading

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SQL Security

I’ve always wanted to care about SQL security but I never really had to get reaaally pedantic about it. I suppose I’ve been a bit lucky in that the security … Continue reading

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Gantt Chart report – revisited.

I made a post about 1 year ago about building a Gantt chart to have a look at SQL jobs or anything with a start date and duration to see … Continue reading

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Subject: Why is it hard to scale a database

Apparently. It’s a good try but it’s a bit off in some regards In the library analogy it’s never mentioned that if one person reads \ write the book … Continue reading

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SQL Archive Framework

I’ve been doing a little work recently todo with SQL archiving. As with any tools you might build as a developer for internal use you have to follow a few … Continue reading

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Index Build

I’ve mentioned the dmv sys.dm_os_waiting_tasks before. This view you can see the current waiting tasks on your system, most of the time this view is used to spot waits currently … Continue reading

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