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Do not fear.

Originally posted on Muller Jannie:
An Excerpt from “Secrets of the UFO”. This is perhaps one of the most beautiful things I have ever read. O mortals cast in density…

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Feeling pretty glum , chum?

I shouldn’t be affected by other people’s success right ? This is probably due to me hitting my head or something as a child because I find myself in isolation … Continue reading

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Our legacy

I recently changed jobs, As we sat at the last supper and farewell not that it was a supper and I can’t really relate the situation to Jesus’ because I’m … Continue reading

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Bill Gates on Reddit (awesome!)

I got the link through the news this morning to reddit and I signed into reddit shortly after. I read some of the user comments, about junk topics like. Um.. … Continue reading

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Close Shave.

So Thanks to I’ve been checking out this 2012[something] AD , asteroid. There is also a really nice story about it on NASA’s youtube channel. It’s still a couple … Continue reading

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Politicians just a bunch of fruits.

I was happily having my breakfast this morning while I looked at our stocked fruit baskets. It has a nice variety of Oranges, Bananas, Apples, Kiwis and pears. I remembered … Continue reading

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OWS – Why the lack of strategy, unity and complex thinking?

OWS has been around for a while now. And similar to other US based underground movements in the 70’s we don’t see critical mass. It’s one thing to go camp … Continue reading

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Practice what you preach

I have a slight chuckle at the typical irony of this. Not to mention the pun intended with the post title and speaking about Israel. It comes down to … Continue reading

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“Russia is America’s nr1 Geopolitical enemy”

This is a quote from Mitt Romney. Then I listened to this interview. Interesting that the biggest uranium producer in the world i.e. Russia, is mining on American soil. More … Continue reading

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Why you shouldn’t write down everything you think

I can’t believe no one has coined the term. Obamanation i.e. Abomination

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