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About myself and everyone else.


Since I have spent quite a bit of time playing computer games it would be a crime not to mention it. Most of the games I’ve played runs on the PC Platform. Although I do own a XBOX I’ve never really been into it. I found the number of keys lacking not to mention that the whole couch potato thing doesn’t work for me. Thus I think it’s purely because I never had a good couch that I’m not into console, although I did enjoy playing  FF when it was released and I would buy a PS3 just to play the Shadow of Colossus series.



Anno – There are a couple of editions out of this game plus an expansion. In terms of City Buiding and trading this is enjoyable. There are a large number of manufacturing goods available and raw resources. The GUI and setup of routes for trading along with thresholds are also good.


Bullfrog – This is a development house or publisher worth mentioning. They produced Syndicate, Theme Hospital, Theme Park, Dungeon Keeper . Most of these titles you can insert into a modern computer and run the game. I’ve experienced this with only these guys and later on sierra produced a few. The the developers of these games, hats-off to you for writing proper software. They got eaten by the EA Monster.



Diablo Series. This game by blizzard entertainment was the first game I’ve experienced with auto build its stages in order to be unique every time. This added great repeatability to a pretty straight forward series. I loved the graphics and the game was beautifully done to be eery. I can still hear the butchers voice in my head “fresh meat”. The music was great very goth like. There was a good number of bosses and mini bosses and tons of weapons to pick from. It’s not nearly enough said about this isometric type fighting game with an insane amount of clicking. I think you could hold down the mouse and the char would automatically keep on attacking but the illusion was there that it would be more effective if you clicked. It probably was the opposite. I enjoyed this game plenty, enough to clear every stage completely. I’ve also thought it was great use multiplay but only play with a single character in order to build your character for multiplay.




Grand Ages Rome – This game looks good and is really a fun building challenge. I’m a big fan of the roman empire and the games in the genre almost a class of it’s own. Anything from Total War to Caesar. The game is relatively difficult which is great and some of the stage are a real challenge. I bought this online through digital download, gamersgate. I won’t recommend this. They are a bit backward compared to steam and you can only download the game several times.


Hellfire. This is the expansion to the diablo 1 series. I’m not sure how this worked as it was released by sierra but I’m sure there is an interesting story behind it. The game pretty much built on the succesful diablo game adding a new class and some new enemies and weapons. More notably was the faster walking speed in town.




Kings bounty – I never saw this game released and I manage to find it by chance in a bargain bin. The graphics are nice a smooth and shiny. The game reminds me of the old Heroes of Might and magic. I later found out after doing some reading that this game actually existed before HOMM. This is great game with a turn based combat system , I suppose you call it a tactical turn based system where you have a limited number of movement point such as Final Fantasy or Fallout. There is plenty to do and a good deal of exploration going on. I did find on the higher levels there are not enough monsters to generate experience. I think this is on the highest difficulty. Other than that this is a great game with plenty of spells , a good amount of items and units.


Lands Of Lore – This is an old school RPG where you switched between a beast and some tiny animal that can be used to sneak into secret places. My gaming par wasn’t high at this stage but I thoroughly enjoyed this as it had many puzzles and ample to explore. It featured plenty of cut scenes and was relatively fast paced. It was quite scary from what I can remember at least in some areas “Luuuuttthherr”. The game was done by Westwood studios. I believe before 3 the sequel was released they got eaten by the EA Monster.




Origin Systems – Created by Richard Garriot. They were responsible for Ultima. One of my favorite games. They did great and then got eaten by the EA Monster.


Pharaoh – Good city building. It was released a good time ago after Sierra’s Caeser. I’m sure they used a lot fo the same code as both games were done by Impressions. I enjoy building and I enjoy this game, I install it now and then and run I try to pre-build a city and then hit full speed. It makes for instant Metropolis! I also liked the pyramid building aspect and the farming on the side of the Nile.




Settlers 2 – I was 13 when this game demo was released in PC Format. I enjoyed the city building and just sitting back and see what the AI get up to. Moving coins , flower etc around and TADA! out comes a soldier or bread. I enjoyed the way that you can expand your borders by either building towers or taking down those of the enemy. I remember counting the number of his for a soldier (the ones with gold helmets) before they die. It would have been nice if they added some experience to the little warriors but that would come down the line in the series. At the time this was more than good enough.



Ultima 6 – Great game. The graphics at the time was great and the game had many side quests. A classic RPG the series is also largely responsible for Richard Garriott’s success. The engine which was tile based isometric cultivated my love for this platform. It also falls in the category with other classics like Baldur’s Gate.

Ultima 8 – RPG that follow Ultima underworld. It relied heavily on the success of previous titles but added a unique storyline. It was a tad linear but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Ultima 9 – The last game in the series. Linear compared to the previous titles but featured a nice amount of good puzzles and dungeons. The world was good with some bugs here and there but it was easy to finish.

Ultima Online – This is a great MMORPG. I played this for several years. The economy in the was great as well as the leveling system. A large part of the success of the economy was due to the player item creation . You could literally make anything you want from clothes to build a house. Although I played a local version on an emulator it was well scripted with plenty of fun events and great people. I recently played a trail for a couple of weeks and it’s easy to get back into the game again. You find yourself able to kill things from the word go. You have to rely on old school methods such as healing with bandages to get along untill you can cast spells. The skill gain system of this game is unmatched in my opinion, this includes the craft and class system. The only gaming economy that comes close to this is Eve online.







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