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About myself and everyone else.


In my journey into the following subjects : unknown, strange and mysterious , un-explainable , future, UFO , New Age, Free Energy , New World Order, End times , Enlightenment, reincarnation, myth, science and occult and much more. I constantly come across many things,key people and events that seems integrated . I’ve decide to create a note section here with the topic \ person and a summary. Maybe one day I’ll put up a organogram with complete with pictures and chronological order.



Agnaten – A pharoah mentioned in Ancient Aliens to be ET. Also mentioned in Law of One to be a enlightened being. Changed egypt to worship  one god, Ra.

Akiane – child prodigy painter. Also features in the project 12 video on youtube. This is also related to Valery Uvarov. She have a great opinion on the influence of control on general health which will be controlled with the health codex. This determines what can be exported and imported in terms of food in the world. This is largely controlled by the US.

Annunaki – reptilian race who supposedly live on the planet Niburu. According the Sumerian writings they modified man in order to be slaves on planet earth. They were to coin the term “adamus” which is said to be picked up Christianity as Adam. Interesting there is two brothers Enki and Enlil (ELENIN?) , Interesting that a Will Ferrell movie, features two reptile brothers who are fighting for control of the world , a Will Ferrell movie ?

Antikytherian mechanism – Ancient computer to be found close to Greece. It calculates solar eclipses amongst other things.

Apples – Refers to people reincarnated to earth in order to relearn service to others. Source : Secret of the UFO.


Ben Rich – Joined Skunkworks. Help developed mach 3+ plans in 1983. On his deathbed acknowledged UFO’s both “local” and ET.

Bermuda Triangle – According to LoO the effects is due to a large underwater pyramid.

Bill Ryan – Heads up project Avalon.


Crystal Skulls – Suppose to be 13 in existence. Made its way into the movies. Made of quarts and possibly binary decoding of the hologram would be able to contain terabytes of info.


DNA – We only use 5% for genetics. Could the remainder contain our Akashic records. Specific part that separate human from animal (Forgot the code :/ )

David Icke – Eccentric. I’ve seen his 6 hour show in London (via YouTube) The Lion Sleeps no more. Very good material. I haven’t read his books to see the facts. Also claim the moon is hollow and not aged correctly. I’ve read our moon is fake while the real moon is sitting in the asteroid belt? In the age of Atlantis there were also two moons?

David Willcock – Psychic believe to be Edgar Cayce reincarnated. Base his approach on that of the Law Of One and personal experiences, channeling and relationships with blackops & whilstleblowers. He posit positive change for the future.

Donald Michael Kraig – Strange fella, not too much on the web on him but he wrote many books on ceremonial magic. I bought the 12 lessons of Modern magic after reading the secret of the UFO. Pretty good reading.

Dewey B Larson – Still need to read his books. Apparently his math describes the correct function of the universe and is the bridge for uniting quantum physics and Einsteins theory of general relativity.


Elenin – Asteroid heading our way. Apparently nothing to worry about according to a whistleblower pilot. Who travelled interstellar to investigate the asteroid. It’s an E-type asteroid it radiates infra red light.  Also features in the movie Contact 1997.

Erich Von Daniken – Author of Chariots of the Gods. He pose a good questions wrt alien life but have fabricated some evidence according to a playboy interview.

Ed Dames Mjr. Ret. – Training by the original father of Remote viewing Ingo Swann. He is currently the leading expert on the subject and offers a DVD series on training RV.


Frank Peretti – Author of this present darkness. Christian fiction that makes reference to a lot of common daemons such as Tal. The book features great mechanics on the function of angels.


Galactic Federation – (the other) Mentioned in Law Of One. Currently in the area of rings of jupiter ? (in our dimension?)

Gulf of Aden – Supposed to be controlled by Navy from Australia, US, China, Britain. According to sources there is a StarGate.

Graham Hancock – Research into the pyramids, did some work about the holy grail while in Africa. Does all his own stunts if you can call it that. Author of Fingerprints of the Gods.



Helena Blatavsky – WW2 Psychic. Author of Secret Doctrine.


Igor Whitkowski – Camelot interview. Covers a large part of information about the Nazi bell.

Ingo Swann – Father of Remote Viewing.


Jim Humble – Has found a cure for Aids. Currently have many subjects positively treated in South Africa and Africa. Miracle cure called MMS.

Jim Mars – Camelot interview.

Jehovaha’s Witness – Relatively young religious movement, interestingly enough believes Satan will reign from 1914, which happens to be the start of WW1. A note on this is that the US didn’t want to enter WW1 which at this point indicates no bellicose nature.

John Dee – Author and an expert on many subjects such as astrology and mathematics. He had a very orthodox view on religion and spirituality, that which states that each man is divine on the basis on hermeticism. Interesting enough that in the times that the rest of Europe was being stoned for saying that man has divine power above that even of the church he still managed to be adviser to the queen.


Kerry Cassidy – Heads up Project Camelot.


Leylines – In particular the lines that form the earth grid. Many monuments have been constructed on the lines. Of particular interest, in Swaziland South Africa there is a node. One of the few points in Africa relatively unaware of its power to do good. I’ve emailed them to see if I can build a pyramid there. No response yet. 🙂


Max Keiser – Financial expert that is pretty outspoken on the corruption by JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs.  He also promotes buying gold and silver.

Marcel Messing – Avalon interview, he had a vision of the two towers per Sept 11. Also author tons of spiritual books. Excellent theories on reincarnation.

Master Key System – A course in visualisation , Author Charles F Hanel.

Mercury – Said to be used in WW2 UFO’s by Victor Schauberger, u-Boat found full or mercury.

Malta – there is a cave system of the coast of Malta. A visitor to this system left the tour group to explore and found giant men on the bottom of the cave. The appeared to have telekenetic abilities and telepathy. LoO describes a race of giants that lives inside the earth. A.K.A yetti’s and bigfoot . The malta caves have no been closed.

MUSE – This is a rock band but the interesting bit is that their lyrics are inspired by a lot of new age type cultist books and beliefs. Noticeably the Black Holes and revelations album .


Niburu – A.K.A Planet X suppose to be the home of the Annunaki. Extrasolar planet that might orbit close to us again in the near future 2017 (Zaharia Sitchen). If this in fact the home plant of the Annunaki then it will have an artificial atmosphere create with gold in order to prevent solar radiation. Hence the goal for humans to mine gold on earth. Note if the Orbit is correct then their gravitational effects could pull earth apart when it  orbit close to us. Which should leave its scars and potentially killing all the slaves which doesn’t make sense. I’ll have to read to book still. I found this good link


Oracle Room – This room is found in the caves of Malta. I’ve read several pieces of info on the subject most of them mentions giants and strange phenomena in the area. The room also have interesting influences on sounds and seems to amplify 103 (?) htz.


Patrick Geryl – Author of Orion prophecy and several other books. Predict based on dresden codex translation and personal calculations that the current solar cycle will cause the end of the earth. He was also advisor on the 2012 movie. He has some facts indicating land movement and also predicts cataclysms due to the poleshift.

Paul Lavalette – Science, theory of quantum kinetics. Interviewed by Camelot. His description sounds very much like torsion fields.

Pete Peterson – Camelot Interview . He covers inventions of healing and to provide cures. He doesn’t say too much about UFO’s.

Pine Gap – Good ol’ American base in Australia where you get shot if you wonder about. It’s a strictly no fly zone almost directly located in the center of Australia. Who knows what kind of things are going on there. Most Aussies rips of the US but little do they know how their own country supports them in Pine Gap.



Richard Hoagland – Provides a lot of research and info on the moon, specifically structures on the moon. They do their own research and only publish on basis of hard evidence.

Rudolf Steiner – Anthrosopophy movement.


Secretum Secretorum – Medieval book with origin unknown. It covers areas of astronomy, medicine , magic and more. Also cited heavily by Roger Bacon.

Dr. Steven Greer – Ex Medical doctor that went into search for ET. Heads up CSETI. Also are willing to drive free energy if someone can give him working plans. His family was responsible for the moon lander or something. Some ties to govt?


Tunguska – this is a site in Syberia where some sort of explosion took place that literally flattened the forest. It’s also close to the area called the valley of death mentioned in “Evil Places” on the show Ancient Aliens.



Victor Schauberger – Studied nature, came up with micro sciences when dealing with plants and water. Observing nature led to creation of healing water and had involvement in WW2 with his antigravity machines.

Valery Uvarov – Russian guy, author of Pyramids and Wand of Horus. Excellent reads about interpretation of hieroglyphs and the universe. Also build a pyramid. He is also Head of Dept of UFO research in Russia. Also had involvement not quite sure how with Tunguska 1908.

Voynich manuscript – Hand written book that covers areas such as astronomy, cosmology , biology and other studies. This book has not been decyphered. There is speculation that Jon Dee could be an author.


Wernher von Braun – Ex Nazi that ended up with NASA after WW2. Also part of paperclip




Zacharia Sitchen – One of a handful of people who could translate ancient writings. He also wrote a stack of books on the subjects. He passed in Oct 2010.

Zero point energy – Also known as energy from the vacuum. Einstein did some work on this. Tesla also based his work on this. Basically using the differential of 0 degrees Celsius VS absolute zero in the vacuum of space. Zero point energy is based around the potential in these two differences.


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