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Could David Bowie ever have imagined this. This song is definitely one of my favourite bowie tracks, in space. I’m speechless. It reminds me that no dream could ever be … Continue reading

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How fast does your heart beat?

I’m not sure how pace comes into play here but I definitely think there is differences between individuals, I’m sure even if it’s just minor given the amount of beats … Continue reading

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Index Maintenance.

Why do index maintenance, if you don’t know this. Then I’m afraid this code is probably overkill for you and I don’t think you should run it. I’ve been doing … Continue reading

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This post is actually a day old in my head. But luckily given the lack of time that I had to write it down, I thought of some examples and … Continue reading

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The time has finally come. It has been ages, it feels like a lifetime. Finally the time is here where I can enjoy my freedom. Freedom, the greatest definition I … Continue reading

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SmartSheet , If I told you I like it would you hold it against me.

I’ve been in IT long enough to appreciate a good tool. What makes a tool good in my opinion. First of all it has to make your job easier. The … Continue reading

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The truth is out there.

In order to watch this series I had to stay  up late. I’m sure that many nightmares can be contributed to this but then again I also think that somehow … Continue reading

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Change is as good as a holiday

A blog about a blog. I couldn’t decide on the theme but finally I did. What a first world problem to have.   The interesting thing is that it’s the … Continue reading

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Putting your eggs in a presidential basket.

I was looking at a TED episode on how some guy want to and almost built a website that allows voting and change from the bottom up. i.e let the … Continue reading

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Random – I don’t get its

Currently I live in New Zealand. it’s not big. in fact it’s small. We have what some would say a military. I’m not sure who we need protecting from. Seagulls … Continue reading

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