Muller Jannie

About myself and everyone else.

SQL Server

When I studied I worked with SQL server, version 6.5 at the time. I thought it was the most absurd language where you type nearly free form english to query data.

Select * from, I didn’t know at the time about ISO DB standards to yes I was a bit naive. I didn’t like SQL, I liked c++ it looked much cooler , it had all the brackets, semi colon , square brackets , funky operators for addition i++ , yes this is now happening in SQL 2008. But it’s been some time in between.

I’m confident in SQL, I’m no Joe Celko, from a developer perspective , I’m definitely no Paul Randall or Kim T or Slavo or any off the “legends” of SQL. But if I was in the same place at the right time like they were, who knows. We all benefit from these great people in the end of the day and even though the right way is pretty well laid out, it’s not the right way that find its way into business, it’s the way the fits the budgets and time and competence of the staff supporting the systems, and pray that you have a fairly technically account or the magic of Paul Revere to persuade and get people to act.

In summary, I enjoy the work that I do and that’s something you don’t get to often.

Books worth getting on this.

Microsoft Press books, I’ve never been disappointed with any of these.

Inside SQL Server Series – Available in Storage, Querying categories for both 2005 & 2008.

Never underestimate Books Online, SHIFT+F1 ( While employed in the UK I started reading this as the internet was blocked and I had plenty of time, I’ve never regret it).

About SQL Code

I would like to post SQL and other code on this site. I’ll be doing so using a compress zipped file renamed to .doc. This works easy for me. Before you run any code please make sure you understand it, I thought I’ll put the disclaimer in here and not with every single post. I don’t have any intentions of causing your system to break but on the odd case you might not want certain things to happen, such as a purge of job history etc.


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