Muller Jannie

About myself and everyone else.

To Do List

  1. publish a movie script I’ve written in 2003.
  2. Build a trashcan normal kitchen size that compress and shrink wrap your garbage. Apparently these are available but they currently are the size of the ENIAC and for the rich and famous. I think this can be made for general use. I’ve done the math for this and it’s completely feasible.
  3. Build a protien Skimmer.
  4. A succesful herb garden
  5. Learn how to sail. Prereq buy a sailboat, I think there is very little point in sailing someone else’s boat.
  6. Snorkel \ Scuba with the family.
  7. Build  aquaponic system
  8. Buy a farm.
  9. Learn how to fly. Exactly why this is lower on the list as I think buying a plane is much less forgiving than sailing.
  10. Learn how to use telepathy. These days nothing is sacred anymore not to say that your thoughts are, but atleast it’s a much cheaper option and available to every person on the planet.
  11. Become a Yogi or atleast be able to do the downward dog with my palms and feet flat on the ground.
  12. move closer to family. (or get the family to move closer to me).
  13. Build an  aquaponic system.
  14. Build a house. Definately not just a house, it’s got to be based on the golden ratio. It will resemble something like the nautilus shell. The kids would love it!
  15. Build a clock from Lego, then integrate it with a calendar and then who knows maybe even the antikytherian mechanism.
  16. Have fry from my own aquarium
  17. Start a blog.
  18. Learn something about astrology. Prereq Telescope.
  19. Shoot a HD Wildlife (Most likely an insect) macro video. I already have a little HS700k Panasonic HD1080p Video Camera, Letus Mini 35mm adapter. I just need a nice macro lens and I should be able to do this. The camera does have a macro function but it’s not really the in your face that a nice x-times magnification macro lens can get you.
  20. Buy a NAS ( I’ve been saving up for the 4 drives blackarmour western digital ). The amount of fun to have with this is crazy. I can do my own SQL storage tests but then I’ll have to buy another one for all the family videos. arg.
  21. Find a copper smith or become best friends with one. There is a stack of things I’d like to make from copper. Google the works of lord Kelvin. Plus some of my own ideas. Feel free to email me if you can help me.
  22. Build a pyramid.
  23. Access my akashic records.
  24. Read Don Quixote.
  25. Write an isometric RPG using directx and c++

I’m definately not doing a spellcheck on this page. It would be pointless.


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